Turn your skin back 10 years through natural growth factors! 


There are millions of growth factors in PRP that will activate skin regeneration, help eliminate aging cells, restore natural beautiful skin. This skin will be rejuvenated. 


PRP gives you a more youthful appearance, getting rid of blemishes, scars, sun damages, and fine wrinkle lines as well as helping the skin improve its tone, texture, and elasticity. 


(1) Injection with PRP

The aged skin has less collagen, low elasticity, reduced amount of hyaluronic acid, and low ability to retain moisture. 



(2) Release of Growth Factors From PRP

Cell growth is activated and collagen is produced. 



(3) Regeneration and Rejuvenation of Skin Tissue

Collagen is produced and skin elasticity is improved. the ability to retain moisture is restored.